Saturday, September 15, 2018

Centennial Buffalos

We got spirit, yes we do
We got spirit, how about you???

These three are proud to be Centennial Buffalos!  Cutest Buffalos around!


Our entire first week of fall sports was cancelled due to constant rain!  It rained for a week straight!  Not just sprinkles but LOTS of rain!  With no recess at school and no evening sports, the kids had lots of energy to burn SO they put on their swimsuits and started playing!  Such a fun and wet evening in the rain!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Boomer Sooner

It's one of the most wonderful times of the year, football time in Oklahoma!  The first game is like Christmas Eve for Sooner fans!  The kick off to such a fun season!  Tyler and I love sharing our love for OU football and the University of Oklahoma with the kids!  So far these kids bleed crimson and cream and we couldn't be happier!
The first game was one of the hottest games that I can remember!  We survived, but just barely!  Thankfully the Sooners kicked some butt so we didn't feel too badly leaving early to escape the heat!
Pre-gaming with these little sooners and some of our friends!

 This group makes work enjoyable!
 Love these sooner fans!


 The pre-game flyover is my favorite part of every game!  Pretty amazing experience that never gets old! Sure to bring chills to my arms every time!
 Harper, Mason and I snuck out of the game before the rest of the crew and headed to the library to cool off and explore all the books! 

 They were pretty impressed with the great reading room!
Boomer Sooner!

Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day of School

Jackson, Harper and Mason ~ I have no doubt this will be your best year yet!  Can't believe all three are now Centennial Buffalos!  And how can I have 1st graders and a Preker???  You three will crush it this year!  Learn lots, be yourselves and wow them all!  The sky is the limit little ones!  So excited to see what this year will hold for you three!
So excited Mason has our favorite Pre-K teacher Ms. Walker!  This will make his transition to Centennial seamless!  M was a little shy on meet the teacher so J&H jumped into the picture! 
Jackson was so excited to get Mrs. Stephens!  She seems amazing and is already a saint in my eyes!  So organized and has so much control over her classroom! 
Ms. Cox is just as amazing! We hit the jackpot with all three teachers!  This is the first year that J&H have been in separate classes.  Although they always did great together it was time for a change.  So far so good!
Obligatory first day of school pictures!

So happy to have these three reunited at the same school!  Makes my heart happy!

Harper was beyond excited to find out her bestie Maddie is in Ms. Cox's class as well! 
And M was so excited to have a few of his tball buddies in his class! Love these sweet boys!

Looking forward to a great year!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Annual Breckenridge vacay

Every summer we look forward to our long weekend in Breckendridge.  It's the perfect break from the heat and the perfect family weekend before the hectic season of school and sports starts.
These faces say it all!

 Cooler weather and no humidity means we are outside our entire trip!

 We spent the first morning hiking and fishing at one of our favorite spots, Montgomery Reservoir.  Can't beat a picnic lunch with this view!

 Each of the kiddos caught a rainbow trout!  M caught his on this first cast!

 Harper's' trout was a jumper!

 And J caught the last one of the day!

 My brother in laws two brothers and their families were in Breck while we were there.  We met for dinner at our favorite pizza place, Fatty's!  So much fun catching up with this crew on vacation. 
The next morning we tried a new adventure, white water rafting!  It rained our entire float and was pretty chilly.  Despite the rain, we had the best time.  We were already getting wet so why not raft in the rain.  First and most memorable float trip. The kids definitely won't forget their daddy falling out of the raft when we hit a rock :)
Since we were on vacation we had to eat icecream every night!
We made a trip to the top of Peak 8 to do some of the mountain activities.  J and Tyler did the mountain roller coaster while H and M did miniature golf!  Sounds like the coaster was quite the thrill ride!

 J was under the weather the entire trip so he got lots of extra TLC!  I would never pass up an opportunity to rock this sweet boy napping!


Such a great end to summer!  Until next time!