Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy 6th Birthday

Happy 6th birthday Jackson and Harper!  You two bring so much joy, laughter, love and excitement to our lives!  6 was hard on this mama.  My preemie babies are now kids, independent kids at that. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you two!  I have no doubt 6 is going to be the best year yet!
Miss Harper, you are one sweet little girl.  You love all things small and love to "hoard" your little toys in your collection of purses.  You are extremely artistic and so detail orientated.  I love getting home from work to see my daily artwork.  You have the most beautiful curls, the most perfectly placed freckles and a smile that could melt anyone's heart!  You are very independent and can entertain yourself for hours but you also love your friend time!  You have the most beautiful voice and can sing every word to every song on the radio.  You are so kind and compassionate to all.  You have a heart of gold that is so caring!  We love you sweet girl to the moon and back!
Jackson, you are one competitive and driven little boy.  You LOVE all sports and put 100% of your heart into everything you do.  There is no challenge that you won't accept and totally crush!  You have never met a stranger because you make friends with everyone you meet.  You are an amazing story teller than can entertain any crowd!  You love your friends and especially idolize the older kids.  You fit right in with them and have learned so much from your older friends!  You have so much confidence and are comfortable in any situation.  We love you so much and have no doubt you will continue to conquer everything you set your mind to!  You blow us all away and also keep us so busy :)
Happy Birthday Jackson and Harper.  Your birthday fairy sure does love surprising you every year!

We decided to do a smaller birthday party this year and the kids each invited 3 friends to see the movie Ferdinand. 
 I hope to recreate this pic of the girls when they are older!  So much sass and so much love for each other!  Jackson just can't handle all the cuteness!

This picture sums up all the boys energy!


M couldn't help but join in the fun!
Birthdays are hard work but oh so fun!  

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Years from the Millers!  We had a great time celebrating as a family with some of our best friends!  So much fun ringing in the New Year with everyone!  We kicked off the night with an "adult only" dinner while the kids all shared a babysitter.  Winning for all!  And we finished the night celebrating together with photo booth pics, dancing, balloon drop and lots of laughing! Looking forward to all the fun 2018 has in store!






Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry Christmas

The holiday fun continued right up to Christmas.  We squeezed in plenty of fun with the kids and some much needed holiday adult time!  Such a fun time of year!  We may need to hibernate for the next month to recover from all our fun!

We made our annual trip to Devon Saturdays with Santa!

 The kids always enjoy stuffing teddy bears for kids that are in need of new toys!

 Teddy bear making pros!

 The kids also enjoyed decorating their gingerbread houses!  They may have ate more candy than they used on their houses!

Tyler and I snuck away one night for couples ice skating with our neighbors!  So much fun!
 Love these Kindergarten mamas!
 And these Bella Terra blondes!

 And what is Christmas without school holiday parties!  Sugar, fun, presents, and more sugar!

 One of my favorite traditions is our Christmas light scavenger hunt.  We load up the car with pens and flashlights in hand searching for candy canes, angels, the Grinch, etc!
 First day of Christmas break is always the best!  Cookie decorating with our neighbor friends in preparation for Santa's visit!

We ended the day with neighborhood Christmas caroling!  The kids dominated some caroling and hit up at least 30 houses!  SO much fun!
 Of course my kids wore their reindeer onesies!  They basically lived in these this Christmas season!

 While daddy was working away the kids and I squeezed in a movie!
 And then we all met up for an OU men's basketball game!  We love cheering on all OU sports!

 Another one of my favorite traditions is our annual living room slumber party and binge Christmas movie watching!  Nothing beats falling asleep to Christmas movies, by the fire and the shimmering Christmas tree lights! 

  The kids cuddled on a blowup mattress and Tyler and I took the couch!  Huge success since everyone slept until 9 am!
 We made a Christmas Eve visit to see Grandma Pat!

 And while the kids were away the elves were busy installing a set of family made money bars!  Jackson will one day know the love that was put into his monkey bars but until then he will think Santa is the BEST!

 Christmas Eve church service is my absolute favorite! 
 Love this family of mine!

 After church we headed to mimi and papa's for our Italian Christmas Eve feast!  The kids loved on their cousin Jett all night long!

 We all enjoyed playing a little Christmas Pictionary! 

 And then we headed home to prepare for Santa's visit.  The kids sprinkled the yard with their reindeer food and set out the most perfectly decorated cookies, carrots and milk!  Then off to bed so Santa could work his magic!

 M may have drank more milk than he left for Santa!  Milk it does a body good!

 Then all smiles and excitement Christmas morning!  The kids must have been very good this year because they were very spoiled!

 We wrapped up the day celebrating the birth of Jesus with some birthday cake and candles!
 That is a wrap!   2017 Christmas season was so much fun and so many memories were made!  Christmas through the eyes of two 5 year olds and a 3 year old is pure magic!