Monday, September 4, 2017

Boomer Sooner

We kicked off another season of OU Football this past weekend.  Of course, the weather has been cooler for weeks but on game day it was nice and toasty.  We snuck off to Norman for the day with just Jackson.  Well actually, we didn't really sneak away, Harper and Mason weren't interested in joining.  One of these days they will turn into die hard Sooner fans (we can only hope)!  Jackson thought it was pretty cool getting special time with Tyler and I and mimi and papa!  He had the biggest smile all day, even in the HEAT!  Loved our special time with our big boy!



Brotherly Love

Love these two brothers so much!  Most people think J&M are twins rather than J&H.  With their matching buzz cuts, cutest/biggest smiles, similar facial expressions, athletic ability and their contagious laughs, they really could be twins!  Looking forward to seeing these two grow up as best friends!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


And just like that Jackson and Harper are off to Kindergarten.  Feels like yesterday I was holding my 5 lb preemies for the first time and now they are off to grade school.  It is hard to believe they are old enough to be riding the bus and eating school lunch!  I'm beyond proud of them and so excited for their Kindergarten adventures but deep down this mama is a little sound that her babies are growing up so quickly.  It brought the biggest smile to my face to see J&H walk into the school and reunite with all their school friends!  There were hugs, high fives, giggles, lots of smiles and so much energy.  They seriously know everyone in that school!  They were excited to be there and that gave me peace of mind.  Jackson and Harper I pray you have the best year yet!

Meet the teacher day!  J&H are both in Mrs. Gibson's class.  And how crazy is this but she is from Guymon.  They should be instant favorites :)

Kindergarten Eve snow cones . . . .
neighborhood kindergarten shenanigans . . .

First day of Kindergarten and looking all grown up!


Sunday, August 13, 2017


We just returned from a long weekend trip to Breckenridge.  It was the perfect break from the summer heat and perfect way to wrap up summer break!  We had the best time spending 100% of our time outside soaking in the mountain air!
These smiles show all their excitement and make all the pre vacation stress worth it!
 Harper met a little friend at the airport and they were inseparable!
The late night flight got the best of M! 
 Day 1 of exploring!  We started with a little fishing . . .



Harper caught the first fish of the day!  She had a lucky pink pole that got the most bites.
 After fishing we ate a picnic lunch and went on a little hike

Love this family of mine! 
 Day 2 started with a morning horseback ride!  Jackson and Harper rode solo on their horses.  Harper was pretty tense the entire ride but she still rocked it and Jackson did amazing.  He rode that horse like a champ and chatted it up the entire way.  Mason was a little nervous leading up to the ride but he ended up loving his ride with daddy!  Such a fun morning.  It definitely wasn't a super easy ride, we went up rocky mountains, through creeks and down steep hills.  Even more impressive that J&H rode solo on big horses!
The kids fed their horses carrots before the ride which won them over immediately!

 After horseback riding the kids wanted to try out the bubble balls.  I knew once Jackson saw these he would insist on doing it.  It's vacation so why not!  It ended up being way harder than it looked.  J&H had a blast but couldn't stay on their feet.  They were exhausted after 10 mins and Harper asked to be done :)

Day 3 started with a ride on the gondola and fun at the top of the mountain!
 The alpine slide was a hit!  Of course J wanted to go super fast!
Harper was super scared but after a few hours she said it was her favorite thing she did the entire trip!
Mason wanted to start slow but quickly decided he wanted to go fast!
 We definitely couldn't pass up a little snowball fight in August!

We headed to Montgomery Reservoir for the afternoon.  We started with a picnic lunch and ended with some hiking and fishing!  Nothing like a picnic with a great view!

We had the best luck fishing on our last day!  All three kids caught at least one fish!  M was the first ..  .

then Harper . . .
 and Jackson caught the last fish of the day!

We crammed a lot into our three days of vacation!  Between all these activities the kids found time to swim everyday, play putt putt and hit up the arcade every night!  Our family thrives on vacations.  We love the time together away from our everyday chaotic and stressful lives!  Can't wait for our next adventure together!