Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the ninja, Owlette and astronaunt (also the racecar driver).  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays in our neighborhood.  Lets be honest, I really LOVE them all.  And this Halloween was no exception.  We kicked off the dressing up with a Monster Dash at Tyler's work, Continental. 

These three love downtown OKC so much and love any opportunity to visit mommy and daddy at work!

 Strike a pose sister!
 The kids loved the "Nemo" themed floor with surfing and all!  It's not everyday you see a ninja, Owlette and racecar driver hitting the waves!

 Extra special getting to spend the afternoon with their cousin Jett!
That evening mom and dad got in on the costume fun and dressed up as the game Operation!
And finally there was Halloween night!  Mimi dressed up as the kids mystery reader at school that day and stayed in costume to hand out candy.  The kids loved it!

We kicked off Halloween night with a chickfila feast at our neighbors house!  Same tradition but even bigger crew.  Love these families so much and love all the memories we make together.  Cutest kids in town!


 This face says it all!  CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the story of the night for Harper and Maddie.  After each house they sat down to eat a piece of candy! 

Such a fun week of Halloween festivities!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017


We started the week with all three kids going to the OU homecoming game and by Saturday M and H decided it was way too cold for them!  There is nothing that would deter J from going to a game this year.  He braved the cold and had the best day.  We loved having some one on one time with our BIG Sooner fan!  It was his Papa's birthday so it was an extra special day!

 J crashed on the way home and when we got home he made it just into the kitchen and crashed again!  He was one tired boy!


This scene was too perfect not to capture!  First fire of the season and we were all snuggles.  My favorite kind of Saturday morning!  Love Love Love this time of year and some much needed down time!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fall Break

The kids had a great fall break, not only a much needed break from school but also a break from all activities!  With a weekend off we made our 2nd annual trip to Tulsa for fall break fun at Flint Ranch.  The kids were SO excited to fish, ride 4 wheelers, make smores, shoot skeet and sleep in the "barn".  Such a fun 24 hrs outside with some of our favorite friends! 


 J,H and M had the best of luck fishing and all caught a fish within 30 minutes!  M definitely won for biggest fish.


The evening ended with an OU win, Thunder loss, BIG thunderstorm, ping pong tourney and lots of good convo!

Such a fun fall break!